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A comprehensive list of Spritz recipes, to master the art of making the original Veneziano cocktail and enjoy all variants like Pirlo and Hugo cocktail.

If you want to taste at home a welldone Spritz cocktail you are landed on the right website. Nowdays wherever you live following our advices you will be able to buy the most orginal and iconic ingredients to make a perfect cocktail.

In one unique website you will find the recipe of the Original Spritz but also all its variants like the Hugo, Campari Spritz, Pirlo, Spritz Bianco, Martini Spritz and many others.

In each page you will find a comprehensive selection of wines, amaro bitter, glasses and bartending tools to order online all what you need to make a fantastic and iconic Italian Aperitivo.

Ingredients for SPRITZ

Spritz Prosecco

Our guide on the best prosecco, selected by our team for you. Don't waste time rushing to the supermarket. Order the best wines online at the best price.

Bottiglia Aperol Spritz

Aperol, Campari, Select and much more. Taste historical classic Spritz and modern updates such as the famous Hugo. Discover the clourful world of the famous Italian bitter like Aperol and Campari and learn wich one is more appropriate for each cocktail.


Stylish way to create sparkling water on demand and finish cocktails and other drinks with flair. Soda siphon would be perfect to add some magic to your drink.

bartending tools

Glasses, Bar Spoon, Ice Makers, Siphons for Soda Seltz, Drop Saver Mats, Jigger.

Are you tired of seeing your homemade Spritz looking like a bad copy of the fabulous one tasted during your last trip to Italy?

Learn to make perfect homemade Spritz and impress your firends.


Mark your territory with beautiful objects, books, posters, funny shirts and much more.

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